March 14, 2013:

The Biomedical charity, Wellcome Trust, has put almost $300 million into a new sustainable healthcare initiative. Contrary to Wellcome Trust’s tendencies to invest in later-stage companies, Syncona Partners will take on new and more promotional methods.

 By investing in biotech, health, and medical care companies, Syncona Partners will promote and endorse profitable healthcare within the UK. This encompasses of all aspects of healthcare including biomedical devices, diagnostics, and IT infrastructures. To bring great ideas into the marketplace, Syncona is willing to invest in such companies for up to 12 years.

 Investments will usually range from £1 million to £20 million per company. “ That’s $1.5 to $30 million for every profitable and successful company based on their economic needs.

            Recent news from a first-hand source suggests, “the UK economy is not in good shape. We have already experienced a double dip recession and the unemployment is approximately 10%.”

            With the establishment of Syncona Partners LLP, great opportunity is on the horizon for healthcare in the UK. Promotion of innovation and creativity is necessary for a struggling job market. And through the assistance of Syncona’s capital investments, an essential aspect of affordability will bring healthcare unemployment down in Europe and Entrepreneurial minds churning around the globe.

            Dr. Martin Murphy explains that Syncona Partners “expects to play part in building successful businesses based upon innovation within the life science and healthcare industry working with entrepreneurs, leading academics and inventors to build success stories in the UK, Europe and beyond.”

            A Cambridge University start-up company EpiGenetix is one of Syncona’s initial investments. Syncona is prepared to endorse the nucleotide modification detection company in several investment rounds as the company begins to step foot into the healthcare industry.

            Syncona Partners LLP began in January 2013 and has already taken root in UK healthcare. With heavy pockets and a vision to advance  health sciences, Syncona will promote jobs in a struggling market while assisting in the creation of a healthier world.

~Joseph Wolanski



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